High school student Kuno works part-time as a wedding photographer to capture the precious memories of people in love. Kuno doesn’t expect he’ll run into a precious memory of his own while on the job.
Shimaginu, Kuno’s juniors, asks Kuno for help to look more friendly and approachable. Kuno, all too willing to help, suggests that Shimaginu practice smiling every time they greet each other. In between each “good morning” and “good job today,” is there space for something like “I love you” to bloom?

I hope you’ve read the English version “Greetings, Smiles and Sparkles”!

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English version
The Summer of the Fox→https://read.futekiya.com/comic/5de9f2ccb32e8
What’s Under His Clothes is Outrageous!!→https://futekiya.com/whats-under-his-clothes-is-outrageous/




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